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Friday, 31 July 2009

Smiling through my tears

Well the RSPB have got back to me about the rescued Mallard ducklings. They have said that they will be able to fly at 7 weeks old & that it will be fine to let them go when they are ready.

So I am sat looking out at them with tears in my eyes but a smile on my face. It is good news that despite, or even because of my human intervention they will be free to live life as the wild birds they were born to be. But I will miss my little ones dearly. Having hand reared them I have an almost maternal bond with them. Hubby tried to cheer me up by suggesting that they might choose not to fly away, or maybe stay close & come back & visit us. But I'm sure they will want to find other mallards & a bigger expanse of water than the ponds we can offer. So I'm going to have to be brave. By my reckoning they are about 5 weeks old now, so I'm going to make the most of the remaining time whilst also somehow trying to gently break the tie with them. My selfish heart is heavy but my soul is joyful.

mallard-ducksHappy wild adult Mallards


  1. Nevermind sis, you can always spoil rotten the ones you already have to make up for the loss of the mallards. I'm pretty sure that if you hadn't rescued them, they might not have survived. I can't help thinking of all the other animals you've rescued over the years, and gone on to live much better lives. You've always done whats best for the animals in your care, and they've all thrived on the love and care you've shown them. I'm also quite sure these won't be the only lost souls that have the good fortune to land on your doorstep. Keep up the good work!

  2. Oh Sara, thanks so much re the comment re our hens!
    OH and ths song re Nick Cave!

    As dramatic as it may seem................that song had me crying! Will be back soon!


  3. Awww, thats a shame. At least when you are out for a walk in the park or by a river you can smile and think ' that mallard may have been one of mine' :)

  4. i am so glad you are smiling - well you just keep on smiling girl, keep on loving, it never works against you - i know a little about ducks and they are gonna love you too - my bet is they hang around, maybe fly south, and come back in the spring to mate - you are their sanctuary! I befriended a robin, who came back the second year and with female. They made a nest in my porch and I got to watch the robins develop. Don't give up hope! btw your on the list for my book giveaway - peace for all

  5. Mrs Jones - that's a lovely thought, thank you x

    Bro - thanks for that, yes - I remember why I put myself through these things now :-D

    Mrs Nesbitt - me too - blub, blub!

  6. Ruralrose - that's such a lovely story about your robin! Whatever the ducklings decide to do they'll always be in my heart. Thanks for your kind words. xx

  7. I would feel just the same - and have tears in my eyes too reading this.

  8. Raph - I am feeling more philosphical now- thank goodness unselfish me has got the upper hand! I will share the happiness of their freedom with you when the time comes :-D
    PS. Apologies for mis-spelling your name last time.