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Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Weaver of Grass whose blog I enjoy immensely suggested an 'Inspiration' themed Wednesday blog day for her 'followers' & I have thought long & hard about what or who is my greatest inspiration. Readers of my blog will know that I am animal mad, I always have been for as long as I can remember. So I tried to think what inspired this love of creatures & Nature.
My first pet was a budgie that I named Rupert, but I was only a small girl & I don't remember that much about him, except that I taught him to say 'pretty boy' & that when he died I was given another budgie that I named Rupert II! One was bright green & one was bright blue but I don't remember which was which. My dear Nan had a cat Dinky who I loved to pieces. She was a tortoiseshell cat & I used to sit still for ages so that she could enjoy my lap. She smelled a little & dribbled when you fussed her, but I did love her so. Finally, after lots of pleading I remember, we got a cat of our own, & then followed a procession of cats through the years. When I left home I surrounded myself with as many pets as I could get away with! Some of my first pets arrived quite by accident, homeless or unwanted creatures who I didn't have the heart to turn away. My first dog was one such unwanted soul & I discovered that oh so special dog / owner bond that I can't ever imagine being without now. Our move into the countryside 6 years ago was just an open invitation for me to fill our new home with a greater variety of creatures!

I have always enjoyed animal programmes on telly, from Blue Peter's pets, to the wonderful Animal Magic with Johnny Morris, to the various epic David Attenborough documentaries. But I can't say that these have been my inspiration.

Mum will say that I have always had a 'way' with animals. I don't know what people mean exactly when they say that, but I guess it means you have a certain empathy with animals & they are maybe more drawn to you than other people. So following this thought trail I hit the nail on the head. I know what my inspiration is! I know it's going to sound a little crazy perhaps! But my inspiration isn't a person, an object or a piece of writing. It is a feeling! It is the feeling I have always felt when surrounded by Nature. From living in London when I was young & enjoying trips to the local park to feed the ducks, to yearning to live in the countryside as I got older. It's all to do with a feeling. An inspirational, tangible feeling. It's calming, yet heart pounding. Mellowing, yet intoxicating. It's like a narcotic. I can breathe it in & it courses through my veins. It's there in my heart when I watch my hens free ranging in the field, or see my little mallard ducklings grow day-by-day, or stroke my dogs as they cuddle up to me. It's there in a rainbow, in a breathtaking country view, in a butterfly's dance or the sound of geese overhead. It moves me to the core. I hope that I will never, ever lose sight of my inspiration or forget to take pleasure in the simple beauty in the Natural World around me.


  1. Beautifully written Sara. I too love animals - and your love of them comes across so clearly.
    Thanks for reminding me of dear odl Johnny Morris too.
    Rainbows - butterflies - yesy and yes - all these things are a wonderful inspiration.
    Thank you so much for taking part - hasn't it all been an interesting read?

  2. I too am taking part in this, you will not be surprised by my choice this week!

  3. Hello Sara! I really enjoyed reading your Inspiration post, and so empathize with your inspiration 'feeling'. I've always felt the same. I remember when very young just sitting in the garden marvelling at the feeling in the air, the atmosphere, the wonder. One of my favourite books is The Wind in the Willows, which describes this atmosphere so well.

    I'll be visiting your blog again!

  4. LOL I remember Dinky dribbling as well! I loved going to Well's Park too. From what I can remember most of the pets we had in the house were down to you, there was Deork, Smidge, Katy, not forgetting the 2 Ruperts! Wonderfull memories, thanks Sis!

  5. Ralph - lovely to meet someone who understands exactly what I mean!

  6. I have too many animal stories that move me, most of them I write about on my I will just add one little moment.....which reenforces just why we slog our guts out caring for animals.........

    I was tired and had to force myself to take our four dogs out to the beach.
    The scotties and meg (welsh terrier) climbed into the back of the car.....and william (the male welsh terrier) climbed into the passenger seat! as I sat down next to him, he looked up and me and smiled!
    made my day!
    nuff said..........

  7. John - I love doggy grins! I love cat smiles! I love bunny frolics! I love ferret dances! I love hen's happy clucking..... the list goes on. There are so many rewards for taking good care of our animals. Oh, & I love reading your blogs - they make me smile too xx

  8. Glad you liked my post and it struck a chord, only probably because you are crackers, too!!!
    Thanks for visiting.

  9. Oh yes, I absolutely understand what you mean. What a lovely read this has been and what a 'different' inspiration. What fun this has all been.
    BT from Ireland.

  10. the most beautiful honest description of love I have ever read, please allow me to post it on my blog for others to see to, peace for all

  11. Ruralrose - of course you may, thanks for your comment, I just wrote as I feel. Love & peace to you x

  12. What a wonderful thing to be inspired by! And not crazy at all. Thanks also for leaving your nice comment on my Inspiration Wednesday post!!