Compassion in World Farming

Friday, 25 March 2011

Spring fever!

Today I feel my heart could literally burst with the joys of Spring! After an uplifting dog walk of dappled sunshine, sparkling dew & daisies opening their petals to the morning sun I couldn't have felt happier. *sigh*

There's a special secret hiding along my daily walk right now. Tree blossom! I don't just mean the very obvious, blousy blossoms of the likes of cherry trees but more delicate & equally beautiful blossoms that Jackie & Jason at Essence of Wild opened my eyes to as I went on my very own Tree Blossom Quest as part of my Ostara celebrations. Why not take a peek yourself & immerse yourself in their special, effervescent energies?

Bright & joyful blessings

Sara xxx

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Writer & blog reborn

Well it's been such a long time since I updated my blog! Sometimes, when you're going through a lot of changes personally the language of your heart changes & it takes a little time to fathom out how to put this new you into words. But finally, at this beautiful sabbat of Ostara, I feel the confidence to be able to convey my thoughts, feelings & musings with clarity.

So what's been happening in my world? Well, my family of feathery friends has increased somewhat for a start! There have been up & downs as I've lost old friends & welcomed new ones. But I'm incredibly blessed to be able to see lots of happy, healthy birds out in our little field & our back garden. Birds of all shapes, sizes & breeds. Stately Croad Langshans right down to teeny weeny Nankins. Each one is special to me, each one an absolute joy. I promise to share lots of pictures & stories soon, but here's a favourite snap of 2 of my Croad Langshan boys, Angel & Jet, with a couple of ex batt friends:

Spiritually I've been journeying down my solitary Pagan path, learning & growing as I go. I've met some incredibly beautiful people along the way & my heart has been opened to a myriad of new experiences, feelings & truths. At this stage in my life I feel very comfortable in my skin, happy that I have found my place in this life & thirsty to learn more. I have been drawn to crystal healing for a while, but now I am exploring herbal & flower healing. I am reading about animal healing in particular. There's so much I want to do - I want to become a Reiki Master; I want to become a holistic animal healer; I want to learn how to make my own oils & incenses; I want to spend every day connected to Mother Nature. I have never been so joyful!

Sometimes our goals & circumstances don't quite match up & for now I am only able to journey slowly. My sons are at very important stages in their lives & take absolute priorty right now. The usual monetary restriants come into play, etc., etc. But I have learned patience. I have learned that to walk at a slow pace is good bacause sometimes when you rush along you miss so many details & opportunities.

So here I am. As I sat under the incredible Full 'Super Moon' at the weekend I felt a kind of baptism. I hope the incredible serenity of the Lady Moon washed over you too.

Bright blessings

Sara xxx