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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Writer & blog reborn

Well it's been such a long time since I updated my blog! Sometimes, when you're going through a lot of changes personally the language of your heart changes & it takes a little time to fathom out how to put this new you into words. But finally, at this beautiful sabbat of Ostara, I feel the confidence to be able to convey my thoughts, feelings & musings with clarity.

So what's been happening in my world? Well, my family of feathery friends has increased somewhat for a start! There have been up & downs as I've lost old friends & welcomed new ones. But I'm incredibly blessed to be able to see lots of happy, healthy birds out in our little field & our back garden. Birds of all shapes, sizes & breeds. Stately Croad Langshans right down to teeny weeny Nankins. Each one is special to me, each one an absolute joy. I promise to share lots of pictures & stories soon, but here's a favourite snap of 2 of my Croad Langshan boys, Angel & Jet, with a couple of ex batt friends:

Spiritually I've been journeying down my solitary Pagan path, learning & growing as I go. I've met some incredibly beautiful people along the way & my heart has been opened to a myriad of new experiences, feelings & truths. At this stage in my life I feel very comfortable in my skin, happy that I have found my place in this life & thirsty to learn more. I have been drawn to crystal healing for a while, but now I am exploring herbal & flower healing. I am reading about animal healing in particular. There's so much I want to do - I want to become a Reiki Master; I want to become a holistic animal healer; I want to learn how to make my own oils & incenses; I want to spend every day connected to Mother Nature. I have never been so joyful!

Sometimes our goals & circumstances don't quite match up & for now I am only able to journey slowly. My sons are at very important stages in their lives & take absolute priorty right now. The usual monetary restriants come into play, etc., etc. But I have learned patience. I have learned that to walk at a slow pace is good bacause sometimes when you rush along you miss so many details & opportunities.

So here I am. As I sat under the incredible Full 'Super Moon' at the weekend I felt a kind of baptism. I hope the incredible serenity of the Lady Moon washed over you too.

Bright blessings

Sara xxx


  1. Ello for you. Is good you is appy my friend. We likes appy.

  2. Hello Marley & thank you :) I must put pics of Maggie up for you soon xx

  3. I just KNEW you would RETURN!!!!

  4. Gosh I've missed you John (((((squeeeeeeeeeze))) xx

  5. Just fell off my chair in surprise that you're back!!!!!

  6. I can recommend 'The Complete Book of Incense Oils and Brews' by Scott Cunningham for details of different herbs and oils, as well as how to make various types of incense :).


  7. Gaina - that's exactly the book I'm learning from strangely enough :o)

  8. Oooo I've not visited for a while, sounds like you're really enjoying your pathway :-) I'm so pleased you are xxx