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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Newest arrivals!

Little Snuzzle (right) now has adorable little friend Jessie ... on Twitpic

Just popping by to post a link to pic of new arrvials Snuzzle & Jessie :0) Florence pekin has decided that Peek & Boo are more than enough for her, so these 2 are being hand reared. So I'm a surrogate Momma Hen again - it's a hard life ;)

Another chick hatched overnight,it's the smallest wee thing I've ever seen. It's grey & yellow & I think one of my little Barbu d'Uccles must be the daddy. This chick will be staying with Nutmeg, who is busy mothering it whilst still brooding the remainings eggs she's been sat on. She's an amazing little girl!

Also, I have 14 eggs cooking away in the incubator at Gas Mark Egg. These are Scots Dumpy eggs that I'm hatching out on behalf of Caithness Rare Breeds . I'll tell you all about my work with this wonderful charity in my next post.

Until next time I wish you bright blessing in harmony with all that is

Sara x


  1. Ahhh bless them such little cuties.

  2. 'I have 14 eggs cooking away in the incubator at Gas Mark Egg'. That made me chuckle.

    Give Snuzzle a kiss from Aunty Gaina :)

  3. How many eggs is little nutmeg sat on? I only put 4 under isabel probably could have put a few more but wasn't sure she could cook them all evenly. Hope when nutmeg's keeps some chicks she's a good mum (I'm sure she will be)

    Oh yeah give little jessie a kiss from me :) x

  4. thats the poshest hen house floor I HAVE EVER SEEN

  5. Hi Sara,

    Great blog! Would it be possible to get a link on the right hand side of your blog to a geese related website I work on?

  6. Just as well you're soooo nice ; you would be in for such a wigging otherwise.
    Where Are you. You can't be soooo busy that you can't spare five minutes to let your loyal fans know that all is well.
    I'm panicking, 'cos I only have three months to the move to Dumfries & Galloway.
    Have booked a wonderful cottage in which to stay while house-hunting.
    Wish me luck.
    VERY best wishes to you and yours.

  7. This is getting silly. If I was still rich, I'd employ someone to seek you out, and send in the heavies to find out how you are. As it is, I have, like a lot of others, have to rely on your good nature to let us now how you are.
    PLEA TO BROTHER - Can't you get her to at least let us all know what's going on.

  8. Mayo, Oh I'm so sorry that my absence caused you distress. I had a time out to do some personal growing. Thank you for your kind concern xxxx

    John - I'm back! ;)