Compassion in World Farming

Saturday, 10 July 2010

A thought….

I will continue the update of my la-la-land of feathered creatures shortly, but I am in philosophical mood so I thought I’d share a thought with you.

I believe we are all born with a vibration inside us, a longing, a wildness. To achieve inner peace & true contentment we search for things that resonate with us. Some of us try to resonate with artificial stimulants e.g. wealth, material possessions, power, gambling, drink, drugs, pornography. We find they excite our inner wildness maybe. But they do not bring peace.

I believe that in order to find our Zen, that perfect balance of resonance, we need to connect to the natural world around us. To look at a sunset with fresh eyes. To wander barefoot & truly feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth beneath our toes. To take in the majesty of wild creatures around us. To appreciate the fragile beauty of rose petals or a butterfly’s wings

Only when we open our eyes again, childlike, do we find that the resonance we need is all around us. Waiting, forever there should we just reach out & touch it.

Be it the wildness of stormy waves crashing against a pebble beach, the haunting cry of an eagle soaring high on mystic thermals, the bright treasure of the colours in a rainbow or the serene peace of a deserted walk across untouched wilderness. Whatever your inner wild, there is a place for you that you can call home. You just need to take that walk with Mother Earth.

Bright blessings to you in harmony with all that is,

Sara xx



  1. Hi Sara :)

    Have you read 'Women who Run with the Wolves' by Clarrisa Pinkola Estes? If not I highly recommend it. I keep my copy close by for when I lose myself and need a reminder to find my Wild Self.

  2. Hello sweetpea, I've not read that but it sounds like it's one I should look out for. Thx for the recommendation xx

  3. well written blog...nice to have you back again

  4. Beautiful words lovely xx