Compassion in World Farming

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The rescued ducklings!

I'm relieved to say that although there is still no sign whatsoever of a mummy duck, the ducklings are doing fine. They are eating & drinking & are a lot less frightened. You can see just how small they are, easily fitting into the palm of one hand.
I have been told that a family of ducks wandered across the garden of the farmhouse by us the other day & unfortunately mum & eight ducklings were killed by the farm dogs. So sad! I just wonder if these little ones were part of that same family & escaped? Wherever they have come from I am determined that their story will have a much happier ending.


  1. ducklings always amaze me as they tend to bounce back after any misshap.
    I had a day old duckling dragged out of its crate by the cat and survived the night by falling into my wellington boot!
    I would still watch their temperature I have found the ducklings dont eat enough to survive properly if they are cold
    they are lovely but always bloody dirty little buggers
    keep us posted on their progress

  2. Yes, ducklings are amazing me at how well they are adjusting. Had to move them out of the warm, cosy utility room yesterday as an engineer is coming to look at our boiler today. They are now in our bedroom temporarily with a lamp over them. I'm sure they have grown already. They are certainly eating (& pooping!) lots. Awoke this morning to the lovely sound of their little cheeps & started the day with a smile :-)

  3. Im glad to hear they're doing well Sis, they couldn't have got lost at a better place, I think they well and truly landed on their (webbed) feet!