Compassion in World Farming

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


This post has been a work in progress for almost a week.... I almost didn't share it, but I think you're used to emotional ramblings from me by now!

Since opening my heart to a Pagan path my life has instantly become more beautiful. All the thoughts & senses that I have suppressed & hidden inside are now free. It's as though all my life I have contained my soul, my inner being, within a box & I've kept it controlled & done it harm. I have never before had the self confidence to open that box, but now that I have sunshine is pouring into my being! Things have changed in my life. I have a warmth inside me that brings me comfort & strength even at times of stress or sorrow. I understand with humility my place in this Universe & my duty to the Goddess / Mother Earth. I feel more connected than ever to the elements of Earth, Water, Air & Fire, to Nature, to the Moon & the tides & to the turning of the Seasons. I rejoice in all that has been revealed to me & I have a passion to learn & follow this path I have been shown to the full.

I am questioning lots about myself, or more correctly my life choices. After years of on / off vegetarianism I have now committed myself to a vegetarian diet, with the intention of also dropping dairy products & only eating my own free range eggs as an animal product. I am not against eating meat as such, but modern farming methods deeply trouble me & the cruelty many farm animals are subjected to upsets me immensely. I also know that I personally couldn't kill an animal for food, especially as I don't need to to live a healthy life.

In studying my life under a magnifying glass I can see how badly I have fallen into the traps of modern consumerism. I thought I was relatively eco-friendly as I recycle, compost, grow my own veg, monitor & reduce our energy usage, etc., etc. But I look at all the things I have bought from the supermarket recently & the potential harm the products are doing to Mother Nature & the planet scream out at me. When I was younger I was heavily into animal rights - so why now is my bathroom full of shampoos, soaps & chemicals that at best I'm not sure are tested an animals & at worst I know full well are tested in this way. It's not just toiletries & cleaning products either. I do buy Fairtrade when I see the label, organic sometimes if it's not too expensive, but shamefully a look in my food cupboard reveals items that have probably caused damage to the environment either through dirty air or road miles or in the chemicals & pesticides used to produce them. Clearly I have lost my way here! I'm not pretending for one minute that from this moment on I'm going to be a saint, but I'm certainly going to take a closer look at what I put into my shopping basket & try to make sure it's contents reflect more positively my desire to protect & respect the environment, Nature, the animals & plants that share this planet with us & humankind itself.

Other things have happened to me. A greater ability to reach out to others, to find kind words, to chide myself for unkind thoughts, a heightened psychic awareness, a new positivity in my life & a surge of creativity. I want to learn to crochet, get out my pencils & paints again, write, cook - anything to express the whirling, beautiful, passionate joy & exuberance in my heart.

Here's one of my first efforts - lovely homemade marmalade. Pop over to Herne Garden's inspiring blog for the recipe. I used demerera sugar for mine, & reserved all the pith & pips removed by hand juicing the oranges & tied it all up in muslin. I popped this parcel in with the rest of the ingredients during the soaking & simmering stages, then removed it before boiling the marmalade. Making the marmalade was a joyful experience! I gave thanks to the God & Goddess for the fruit & breathed the gorgeous citrus scents right deep down into my lungs. I just beamed when the finished pots sat in a row in my kitchen & I planned who to share them with. I am, of course, completely biased but it is the most delicious marmalade I have ever tasted!

There - I've shared it with you. All my joy, my hopes & my plans. Whatever you have planned or enjoyed I hope you have found sunshine during this cold month of January.


  1. you are indeed on a sort of journey......and are embracing it as you should do......

    go for are talking about it in blogland for a one here will say dont go for it!!!!!

  2. Good on you sis, I honestly think you were born for this lifestyle, and that everything up until now has led towards this. Certain people are put on this planet to be its guardians, and you're one of them, I just wish sometimes there were more of you! keep up the good work, and may your home be full of blessings. x x x x

  3. a few years ago I used to work in a pagan bookshop, although never quite classifing myself as one so much about it makes sense, I spent many a boring day reading books on all sorts.
    Rae Beths books is lovely. Glad your finding your footing on the path.


  4. I wish you well on your pathway and I am so happy to hear of your happiness. Like I have mentioned before I feel the same kind of infinities you feel yet just do not feel strong enough to step onto that pathway.. guess I feel somewhat nervous and still very muddled... if that makes any sense!
    Love and Blessings to you and your family
    Jane xxx

  5. well done!
    With the whole chemical/animal testing and toiletries thing I try with various things to be greener and have less impact on the planet but I do like my indulgent bathtime!! lol so try Lush for the bathroom full of goodies, ethical,low environmental impact, natural and yummy! they do solid shampoos which last longer than three bottles of ordinary shampoo and brilliant proper soaps (porridge soap is to die for-will send you some to try if you like)

  6. Thanks everyone from the bottom of my heart for your lovely comments! xxxx