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Monday, 4 January 2010

A New Year and a Pagan path

I hope you all had a very Happy New Year. Did you see the beautiful Blue Moon in the sky? Did you make a wish?

Towards the end of 2009 I discovered a beautiful path along which I intend to travel in 2010. It was like a revelation to me, but it was something that had been right under my nose all along. I found a home in the Universe & friends with similar ideas, beliefs & faith. I have always felt a little bit of a loner, a bit of an oddball really. Lonely, yes it's a strong word, but the right word for it. Despite being fulfilled as a mother & wife & being loved as a daughter, sister & friend a corner of my heart has always felt a little lonely because I have never before met people with whom I could talk openly, freely & from my heart without feeling bashful & foolish. I am often teased about my intense love for my animals. In the past I have blushed a little when I have read back some of my more emotional blog posts. I have bounced from one 'fad'to another, touching on things such as Reiki & Crystal Healing but not appreciating their place in a much larger faith. One thing I am so blessed with is a loving & suppportive family, who have never ridiculed me in my various quests even if they have not understood or have maybe worried a little about me.

So what is my big discovery you will be asking? I have discovered that the words written across my heart & soul are Pagan words. It's not a case of becoming Pagan, I am Pagan in every fibre of my being. I feel & sense the elements of Fire, Earth, Water & Air all around me & wonder at all of Nature's great bounty. But I also feel a fifth element - the great Spirit. The Spirit of Life, of all things. I feel the turning of the Season's & notice the cycles of the Moon & the Sun & feel how they affect the land. I feel humility & understand that I am just a speck of sand in the great order of things, but I also understand that I have power & a deep responsibility to be kind to myself, to others & to the Natural World. I feel great pain at the damage that Mankind is doing to our beautiful planet. In quiet moments of meditation I can sense that there is another dimension to which we all will travel at the end of our current life's journey & I believe that Death is not the end of things, but rather a time of rebirth, hope & the beginnings of a new journey. I have felt through my own fingertips the power of healing. These things I have always believed, but I have never before quite been able to form them into words. Part of me has been a little scared I guess to embrace things that I do not fully understand. But now I know it is time for me to learn so that I can more fully & openly express my beliefs & feelings.

So now I am 'born' I am thirsty for knowledge. There are many paths within Paganism & I must find the right one for me. Reading about Druidry has resonated deeply with me. But I am also tripping happily through the beautiful pages of a book 'Hedgewitch' by Rae Beth about solitary witchcraft which has also felt comfortable with me.

I am very excited & hope you will follow me on my journey as I share it with you, even if these ideas may be alien to you or it may seem that I have indeed finally gone crazy! ;-)

Blessed be.


  1. I have just posted an entry about being open minded!!!!
    dovetails neatly with yours.....

    i look forward to read what you want to say

  2. i don't practice religion, and i don't belong to a group, but it is easy to see the ways of the pagan are the ways of nature - i too, being a loner closer to animals than people, am interested in reading what you find out - brave post, peace for all

  3. What a lovely post about your spiritual discovery! I remember feeling that way when I read about paganism a few years back. It seemed to fit the way I was feeling all along and I never knew there was a higher path that encompassed all my deep held beliefs. It also fitted my need to collect all things to do with witches and magic! I've not followed a set out pagan path as such but just resolved to be true to my beliefs and observe the seasons and their impact on nature, helping the enviroment and all living things as I go.

    Good luck on your spiritual journey my dear and I look forward to reading all about it!

  4. I agree with hernegardens.. who speaks a lot of what I feel and do.... however I would myself be interested in finding out more as I have a great infinity with nature, the sea, the outdoors and animals and feel somewhat frustrated for where I am or not am at the moment if that makes sense!
    I wish you well on your journey!
    Jane xxx

  5. Sorry to mention this but not sure if others who comment on your blog have noticed problems, but the snowfall effect does make reading your blog and commenting quite difficult... not sure why? Sorry. Jane xx

  6. I started my journey on the pagan path by reading Rae Beth...Hedgewitch is a wonderful book!

    Enjoy the journey :-)