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Tuesday, 19 January 2010


On Sunday it was Meggie dog's 4th anniversary of finding her forever home with us on 17th January 2006. A whole 4 scrummy years of having her in our lives! We adopted her from the Evesham branch of the Dog's Trust. You can read a bit about her story by clicking here. Meg is a big softy who loves lots & lots of cuddles. Bear hugs with Meg are one of my most favourite things. Her fur is silky soft & I love just burying my face into her soft warmth. The soulful, trusting look with which she gazes up at me is truly humbling. To me it is incredible that she is still able to give so much after such a horrible & frightening experience early in her life. The pleasure & joy she has brought us is immeasurable. My eyes are just filling up with pride & love for her as I type & my heart could just burst!
If you find yourself considering welcoming a dog into your life, please, please do go to a Dog's Trust rescue centre or other dog's home . I promise you will find your perfect pooch there & adopting a dog will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.


  1. oh that has brought tears to my eyes!! You are an angel!!

    What a beautiful dog and so obviously happy!

    warmest hugs,

  2. Happy anniversary Meg. Good for you! And you!

  3. Beautiful Meg, and so happy she has such a loving home with you and your family!!
    Jane xxx

  4. Meggieeee! Best dog on the planet!! Don't tell Polo I said that!!

  5. Lucky Meggie, lucky you! My first dog came from a shelter and he was the best dog ever (no offense to my current pair!). Many, many good years together to you!