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Friday, 15 May 2009

Snail horror!

A quick post to make you smile :-)

This morning when I checked the ducklings a snail had crawled up the hutch. Now I've read that Muscovies eat slugs & snails, so I decided to pop it in to the ducklings to see what they made of it. Well you would have thought I'd chucked a stick of dynamite in with them!! They were horrified & ran away into the sleeping compartment of the hutch! However, being generally inquisitive in nature & perhaps trusting the fact that I wasn't scared of this mysterious 'thing', they gradually popped their heads around to peer at it, then crept gingerly forwards in case the 'thing' should suddenly leap up & bite them. Then Cheese's curiousity suddenly completely overwhelmed him(?) & he made a dash for the snail pecking at it as if to render it harmless. Discovering it to be really rather tasty, he grabbed it & ran with it before Chalk could also discover what a tasty thing it was & greedily devoured it (sorry snail!). It was hilarious to watch!

There's been a lot of rain the last couple of days so I may go slug & snail hunting tonight & serve them up a feast. I'm sure it's a lot kinder than putting nasty slug & snail pellets down.

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  1. Lovely blog! Looking forward to hearing more about the ducklings.