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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I'm besotted with our Muscovy ducklings!

Chalk & Cheese the Muscovy ducklings

We 'accidentally' came home with Muscovy ducklings after visiting the Domestic Fowl Trust on 2 May. We were supposed to be going to have a look to see if they had a Khaki Campbell drake & possibly ducklings to join our 2 Khaki Campbell ducks! But when we were shown the duckling room, we just fell in love with the 3 week old Muscovy ducklings & came home with a pair! (By the way, we did also bring home Donald Duck, a very handsome Khaki Campbell drake for our girls. He's fully grown & settled in straight away, soon taking us his position as protector & mate)

Since then the little ducklings have completely charmed us with their funny personalities & sweet little ways & having searched the web for information on them it seems I'm not alone in loving these ducks. So convinced that there may be like minded people out there & just bursting to share my experience I have been inspired to begin my blog.

The photo was taken not long after the ducklings arrived home.

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  1. Oh dear, other idiots like me. I got mine at the local market (I live in France), also at 3 weeks and figured they had been born on my birthday!! Didn't think about the hunting dogs I had at home,or the swimming pool!! I'd had ducks before, free in the garden, but very soon it became clear that these two were not going to be able to roam safely! They are now in their cage/housing outside the main wall so not visable to the dogs.Named Napoleon and Josephine they are passionate about lettuce and their dishpan swimming pool. What are you doing to do with yours as they grow???? This is a delema I'm now trying to solve - have only just discovered they're Muscovies!!