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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Like ducks to water!

Today has been a very moving day in the garden for me. I gave the ducklings a larger tray of water to splash in & it was such a wonderful sight watching them take to the water just as ducks should do.

Just enough room for two!

As I topped up the bird table with various types of feed I wondered if the ducklings would like some of the dried mealworms I put out mainly for my regular robin visitor. Well this is how much the ducklings LOVE having mealworms thrown into their water!!

While I play mummy to 'Chalk' & 'Cheese' I am aware of the flurry of activity going on around me as other birds busily feed young ones. The birds in our back garden seem to have got used to me being out with the ducklings and boldly overcome their natural fear to gather food from the bird table literally just a couple of feet away from me. We have starlings nesting in the eaves of our neighbour's roof & today the parents were busily collecting suet from a hanging coconut for them. This year we put up a couple of nest boxes for the first time & we are lucky enough to have blue tits nesting in one of them. The parents have been fearless in feeding them no matter what has been going on in the garden:

One of the parent blue tits arrives with food

I felt incredibly privileged to witness one of the youngsters close up, peering out into the big wide world:

One of the blue tit chicks looking almost ready to fledge

It looked very well feathered & I almost thought it was going to fledge right there in front of me, but I guess it won't be long now. Mother Nature never ceases to bring joy & wonderment if we just take time out to watch!

Someone else was enjoying the sunshine in the garden today - Jenny, our tortoise. Here she is helping hubby weed the path:

'Jenny' the tortoise helps with the weeding!

And guess who else likes mealworms? You guessed it!

Mealworms taste good to tortoises too!

I shall have to buy a bigger tub!

(If you were wondering how we got on with releasing the pullets out into the rest of the flock then we decided to wait another day & will try this evening)

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