Compassion in World Farming

Saturday, 3 October 2009

More arrivals!

This morning more little miracles!
Now we have 9 chicks in total safely in the brooder box...... 4 Blue Silkies, 4 Porcelain D'Uccle bantams & 1 Chamois Polish Frizzle bantam. They are so teeny!

6 more chicks are drying out in the incubator!

3 eggs have yet to hatch, but I won't give up on them for another couple of days.

At the moment I am too stunned to put into words how this experience has made me feel - normal words like amazed & happy just don't convey how intensely moving it has been to watch these little chicks struggle into this world. Elated is the closest I can get!

Here's a little clip of the first 5 hatchlings finding their feet in the brooder:

Today they are sure footed, alert & responsive to my voice. They are eating after I sprinkled some of their chick crumbs onto a piece of kitchen towel for them. They have found their water & have explored the imitation 'Mother Hen' I made which is hanging in one corner (strips of fabric tied in the middle to make a kind of mop head affair for them to hide underneath). They truly are a wonder!

Do you think someone was jealous of all the attention they were getting? Mabel jumped onto my back every time I knelt down to check on the incubator!


  1. Yay! They're beautiful! I wish I could meet them!

  2. They are so gorgeous and it makes me want to cry... just so perfect!!
    As for Mabel, well snuggles to her as she is just such a lovable sweetheart and she certainly loves you to bits, you lovely lady!!
    With Love, Jane xxxx

  3. Truly wonderful! Nature at its best! xx

  4. You've discovered the red radiation effect when trying to take pics or video of a brooder, then? :-)

    Wonderful. So happy for you, and for them to be born to such a loving kind substitute mama! x

  5. Thats so cute how Mabel jumps onto your back. My kitty Bitsy does that when I'm doing some task leaning over but sometimes she's not so careful with her claws!