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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Full of beans!

Things have been hassle, hassle here. We have a leak in the house so it's been a case of painful, long winded communications with the insurance company & plumbers. We have bits carved out of various walls & still no-one seems to agree the cause of the leak. Hey ho! In the meantime the clocks have gone back which means that everything has to be done in a rush before it gets dark. Maybe because of the hassle or just because of the time of year my fibromyalgia symptoms have been niggling away at me. In all of this pickle I have had to put off meeting up with Mum for one of our famous trips to Webbs of Wychbold (you know - one of those lovely shopping trips that involves lots of nattering & not just lunch, but afternoon coffee & cakes too!) So you might expect me to be feeling a little down in the mouth.

Not when I've got this little bunch of munchkins to watch over! Their playfulness & cheekiness makes me grin from ear to ear. So if I share with you I hope you will grin too!

I have discovered that they do love a treat of salad leaves fresh from the garden, but although I toss in plenty to go around they always want the bit the other one's got. One little fellow will grab a leaf & run off triumphant, but just when it thinks it can savour the treat in peace another chick will pop up & literally whip it from it's beak! It does make me chuckle. Some are finding their wings & manage to flit up onto the edge of their enclosure, wait just a moment & then dive bomb some unsuspecting brooder mate, seemingly relishing their startled reaction! They really do seem to have a sense of fun & mischief.
If that doesn't make me smile I only have to look at the little Silkies who have grown little fluffy pom-pom tails that they seem able to wag at will just like little puppy dogs. It is starting to bring their cute little character's to life.
If I'm feeling particularly out of sorts I only have to pick up my special Big Bird & that quizzical, trusting look he fixes me with just completely melts me. I'm particularly fond of him, & if I am right & he is indeed a cockerel I hope he will maintain he's sweet nature. He's a total darling!

In this picture is my little angel's gift Cassie (top), a reminder of how I am blessed to have her here on this earth. Below is one of the Polish bantams who have the frizzle feathers. Hubby unkindly says that they look as if they've swallowed a hand grenade. I, of course, think they look adorable.

Are you grinning yet?

There is nothing quite like spending time in the company of baby creatures to revive & revitalise you. It somehow makes you remember what it is to see the world through the eye's of a child - the wonderment of it all & the pleasure to be found in little things like kicking through piles of scrunchy autumn leaves or searching for prize conkers. It's just magical!

The house will get fixed up, I will manage to catch up with mum & in the meantime it's this weekend we are due to go & collect some cockerels for our big girls from my lovely Twitter friend. I am so excited! It's not been the same around the hen house since Rodney, our bantam cockerel, passed away. Oh & then it's time to carve the pumpkin & light the candles for Halloween. And in case hubby reads this blog I'm sure I don't have to remind him it's our wedding anniversary on Sunday ;-) I'm a big silly goose for allowing myself to get stressed even for one little minute. Life is definitely too short to waste a single moment that could be filled with happy thoughts or actions!


  1. Well you've made me grin. in a week or so give them a bit of old turf or a tray of soil. watching babies trying to dust bath for the first time is beyond comical. xxx

  2. yes...I know only too well the joy animals can bring you when you are having a shit day


  3. Grins all round here too.

    You are such a treat when my arthritis is making me feel sorry for myself.

    Zoomie, my rescued muscovy, is an hourly delight. (12 weeks old today) When not singing gently on my lap, which is most of the time, she forces me out for fresh air walks. Such a good influence!!

    Off, at the weekend, to Scotland to house-hunt. Tiny house; huge garden; and biggg pond. More ducks, some chickens, a dog, and space for more rescues . . !!

    Do so hope you feel better again soon, and the current trials of house-ownership are sorted quickly.

    Best regards.



  4. I've got 3 8-week old kittens that dart up and down the hall under my feet. They are so funny. Not to mention my bantam still has three little chicks that run the whole yard. And I have a little chicky that hatched a couple of weeks ago still in the brooder box. They are fun.

  5. What's a silly old leak compared with watching those little critters! Yes - snatching somebody else's leaf is pretty much par for the course. Glad you are enjoying them so much.

  6. I'm grinning so wide the top of my head might fall off! Thanks sis!

  7. It was great to meet you and yours on Saturday and I am so looking forward to reading the new adventures of our boys now they're with you. I know they'll be loved, and I am very happy about that. And happy anniversary to you both! x