Compassion in World Farming

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Mother hen's journey

I was talking to my Mum recently about how wonderfully tame & cuddly my little chicklets are. She said it's hardly surprising since they've seen me every single day since they hatched! I realised that's absolutely true. Each & every day for the last 11/12 weeks I have nurtured, watched over & cared for them. I have fed them & watered them, but much more than that I have been surrogate Mother Hen to them. As well as time spent with them during the day, I have sat out with them each & every evening & they have come & cuddled up to me. I have learned their moods & their little personalities. I have a synergy with them. It's hard to explain. I can pick any one of them up & within a moment of holding them I sense how they feel, my grip adjusts accordingly & my fingers know how fast or slow to stroke their feathers. I can sense if they're playful & just want to climb on me. I can sense when they need some comfort & want to be held close. They are far more than just little chicks to me - they are little souls.

From the day they hatched to today I have loved them fiercely every step of the way.

It's been an amazing journey & those little chicklets have given me a very special gift in return. I've learned a lot about myself. This closeness to this miracle of Nature, this very beginning of the Cycle of Life, has reinforced all my personal beliefs & it's helped me understand my spirituality. Being in touch with new Pagan friends has also helped me work out my place in this Universe. Last night I looked up at the sliver of Moon in the sky & knew who I was.


  1. You are a beautiful lady with a loving heart so your wonderful relationship with your gorgeous chicklets does not surprise me in the least... It must be such a lovely feeling to have such a closeness with them and long may it continue!
    Your story is so beautifully written and it was a pleasure to read....
    With Love, Jane xxxx

  2. little souls they are!
    but no one but us understand this!

  3. Adoreable! Mine wont come out first thing, they definately do not like the snow, am so pleased they have the goose hut to scrat about in, but Jo the goose likes his early nights too when it is cold and windy!