Compassion in World Farming

Monday, 2 November 2009

Especially for Max....

Here's a little clip of Big Cheese, my now grown up, magnificent Muscovy drake. See how he wags his tail as he enjoys rooting about in the mud & then raises his quiff when the hens come too close! The other duck in the clip is my sweet Cherry Pie.

It was the Muscovy ducklings that began my Blog adventure. Since then we have had lots of new arrivals, but my Muscovies will always be very, very special to me :oD


  1. are the drakes very sexually agressive to the females as indian runners can be????
    what is your ratio of males to females?

    he's a handsome chap, thats for sure

  2. John, I don't have any problems with my drakes now that Seymour & Daisy the heavy Aylesbury ducks are kept seperate. My boys seem to be fairly placid & gentle as far as ducks go. Whether this is because thay are still quite young I don't know. I have 5 drakes & 8 ducks. I'm hoping to have more ducks next Spring ;-)

  3. If I know muscovies then you should definitely have babies next Spring when those 5 lads get going.

  4. How wonderful!
    We let our hens wander into the back garden yesterday they loved it!