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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Why I do it

Some readers of my blogs in recent days may wonder why do I do it? Why do I keep so many animals? It seems to have been one trial after another, one heart break after another. Yesterday the sun was out & as hubby & I took a wander around our little field I took some pictures that I think capture just exactly why I do it.

From reading other people's tales I think I am quite lucky to be able to keep all my animals together in one space, but 99.9% of the time it is a happy, peaceful place. It is my sanctuary, my church if you will. I don't believe in a traditional 'God', whatever that might mean, but I do believe in a Life Force that you sense if you only open yourself up to it. I can sit on the grass amongst my animals & feel at one with Mother Earth. I can feel the breeze across my face & feel at one with the Air. I can watch my ducks happily splash in their ponds & feel the joy of the Water element. The passion I feel for each & every one of my animals stirs Fire in my veins. It makes me feel whole.

If you look in a duck's eyes you can see a spark, if you look closer you can see the intelligence there. You can see a joyful lust for life. There's poetry in the lines of a duck, in the beauty of it's feathers. To see a duck become both graceful & playful in water is to smile with your heart.

To watch a hen is to instantly feel more attached to the earth. To enjoy them happily free ranging in the grass, feed on a handful of grain & then present you with a perfect egg is to begin to understand the bounty that Nature provides. The fluffy, frilly petticoats of a hen & the way she will sit tight on that egg until it hatches makes me feel my own Motherhood more strongly.

To raise a bird from a tiny ball of fluff to a large, powerful, magnificent creature like a goose is to witness life's miracle. To remain close to that bird & know you will always share a special bond swells your heart with love & pride. It is to be treasured far more than any trinket.

To win the trust & respect of a larger animal like a goat is a truly glorious thing. To have that animal look up at you with that trust showing in their eyes is humbling. To be able to run your fingers through their coat & know it calms them & gives them pleasure is in itself surely one of life's greatest pleasures.
I am a Mother, a Wife, a Daughter, a Sister, a Friend. These things are dearest to my heart. But my love of animals is part of my being, my very fabric, & always will be.


  1. John - I have to say reading your blog is often like seeing a mirror image of my life! Perhaps we were separated at birth?? xx

  2. No doubt you are very connected. Lovely sentiments.

  3. Thats so beautifully written Sarah, and I wholeheartedly agree with everything you say!!
    Thinking of you, Love Jane xxx

  4. Oh its all so true, even when things go wrong sometimes having a little cheecky face cheap at you or peck you on the ankle makes all the bad stuff go away and the troubles they can cause all worth it.

    Frankly sometimes I prefer the company of animals to most people (they mainly don't agure back)

    BTW how many chickens do you have in all I think I counted 19 in that picture.

    jess x

  5. Sara - you really are a true animal lover - and I am sure your animals know that - a happy owner makes for happy animals - and happy hens lay lovely eggs. Long may your idyll continue.

  6. It's been a long time since anything I read brought a tear to my eye.



  7. I think most people have a love of nature to a greater or lesser extent, but it takes someone really special to do what you're doing, giving so much of yourself to your animals, and enjoy doing it so much. I sometimes think that you have a near perfect lifestyle, and I'll admit, sometimes I envy you. But I also know how hard you have worked for what you've got, and I have nothing but admiration and respect for you sis.

  8. Jess, We have 25 in all at the moment! 6 of which are ex-batts, 8 are cross breed pullets & the remaining are all different breeds bought from the Domestic Fowl Trust. All have names & each & every one has a different personality.

    Mayo - Thank you for reading & I do hope it was a joyful tear!

    Weaver - I couldn't agree more. Everyone who has them says that my eggs are eggs-ellent!

    Hilary - Thank you, I do feel very connected to all my animals. It helps me know if something is wrong.

    Jane - thank you kindly, it's so nice to connect with other like minded people. xx

  9. It is truly a gift to have these connections with the animal kingdom. So much to be gained and so much to learn! :)

  10. Seamus - animals are a gift given to each & every one of us but too few of us truly reap the benefit of their company & sadly way too many of us abuse that gift. The time I spend with my animals certainly enriches my life =D

  11. My favorite thing about my late mother was her certain knowledge that animals knew what they were doing and why they were doing it...she once remarked about one of her beloved pets that ran past her doing ninty that she was late for an appointment...I asked "an appointment with who?" to which she answered "doesn't matter if you know, she knows." I love your attitude! It matches mine.

  12. As an owner of chickens and geese, I wholeheartedly relate to what you've written. Kudos!