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Monday, 29 June 2009

Happy birthday Mabel!

Today is Mabel's 2nd birthday. Mabel is our youngest dog & she's a Yorkshire Terrier / Jack Russell cross. She's a typical feisty terrier, one moment emerging from the garden with blood round her chops after devouring her latest rabbit victim (much to my disgust!), the next the sweetest, cutest little pup all curled up like butter wouldn't melt on my lap! Although she's the smallest in size of our four dogs it has to be said she has the biggest personality & to know Mabel is to love her.

Here she is as a very cute puppy:

Now isn't that just one of the sweetest things you've ever seen?! She might not be quite so cute now but she's definitely still a heart breaker!

P.S. Some more duck members of the family joined us at the weekend! But as it's Mabel's birthday this post should be devoted to her, so pictures & update will have to follow.....

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday Mabel.

    Looks like you'll have a lot of poultry friends settling in with you!

    Thanks for reading my blog too (even if it wasn't Mabel doing the reading).

    X Ferris